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So summer is here and all of a sudden you realized you did your “spring cleaning” but are still drowning in “stuff”. Some people have junk drawers… some people have junk areas, some people have crap rooms and sadly some people have crap homes. Regardless of what you have I will assist you in minimizing your clutter in a fast and efficient way.
1. First determine what is it you want? What is your decluttering goal? Is it the entire house, a room or simply the porch? Do you want to have less to dust? Or do you want to get a home that’s easy to keep clean?
2. Whatever it may be you need to start by writing it down. By doing so will help keep you on track. Decide what needs to be done and commit to a time frame to have it completed. I’d suggest writing it down on different pages of a notebookcomputer. When you do you could write down exactly what you need done in every room, as well as what’s been completed. Once you figure out what needs to be done and in how much time, I would suggest taking it a space at one time. Do not bounce from one place to another until the area you are working on has been finished. If you Do bounce from room to room it will take twice as long to complete your decluttering project. In each subject that you start on there are some things which are needed. You want a large garbage bag, a donate box, and a keep or store box. Your goal should be to fill the garbage and contribute box and keep no more than the one store or maintain box per room. When you begin to go through your items really determine what it is you require. Do you have clothing you haven’t worn in over 1 1/2 years? If so and you don’t plan on ever wearing it then it is time to eliminate it! Donating items to local charities may also frequently be a tax deduction so bear that in mind! Consider it this way, you’ll have given it to people in need in addition to save money at the end of the year through your taxes. (Please see a licensed tax advisor for more information on this).
6. Next if you end up out of ambition recruit a friend or family member to help you. Sometimes we need a hand because the job is simply too big for one person. If you don’t have anyone to help you can always look and find an organizer or housekeeper in your local area. Take note that housekeepers are generally for the simple job of tidying up, disinfecting, dusting and things of that nature. Professional organizers are usually the professionals you most likely need. They are not the cheapest, but well worth the investment to have a clean home for a lifetime. Many professional organizers may teach you tips and tricks to help keep your home organized. Next, when you have family members who are notorious for placing things in random areas; I would recommend walking through everything that was done and where what is belongs. If you have children, have them help you with organizing their own area. This will allow for them to understand how to arrange while taking responsibility for choosing where things belong. Help them along, but let them have some decisions on how things should be.
If you want to have your house completely organized the best thing to do would be to take action. You can plan and think about it forever, but if you never really start and finish your strategy you may continue to feel overwhelmed and stressed in your own house. Take it back! Get your home to be the refuge it should be, a place of peace and relaxation.
If you would like to arrange your home quickly be sure to follow these tips and remember to have goals with a deadline. If you really want to”lighten the load” stop holding on to things which are collecting dust and space and recall this valuable tip. If you were to eliminate everything in your home due to a natural catastrophe what are the things you feel are completely irreplaceable? Those are the things to keep organized and safe, preferably all in one location if an emergency does arise, everything else besides individuals are replaceable so don’t be afraid to just let go.

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